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EVENT: 21st Croatia open 2018

ORGANIZER: OK "Ris" Delnice

CC: Golubinjak (Lokve)

Course planning: Tihomir Salopek

Course advisor: Ivica Urbanc


2018, March 15th , 2018 – 1st entry deadline
2018, June 20th , 2018 – 2nd entry deadline
2018, July 10th , 2018 – 3th entry deadline

2018, July 31st , 2018 – 1st stage (middle distance), first start 16:00
2018, August 1st , 2018 – 2nd stage (long distance), first start 10:00
2018, August 2nd , 2018 – 3rd stage (sprint distance), first start 17:00

2018, August 3th , 2018 - rest day 

2018, August 4th , 2018 – 4th stage (sprint distance), first start 10:00
2018, August 5th – 5th stage (short-long distance), first start 10:00
2018, August 6th – 6th stage (middle distance), first start 10:00



July 31st, 2018 – 1st stage (middle distance), map:  Petehovac,  1 : 7 500
August 1st, 2018 – 2nd stage (long distance),
map:  Petehovac,  1 : 10 000
August 2nd, 2018 – 3rd stage (sprint distance)
map:  Krk , 1 : 4 000

August 3th , 2018 - day of rest

August 4th, 2018 – 4th stage (sprint distance), map:  Bukovac  Sungerski , 1 : 4 000
August 5th, 2018 – 5th stage (short-long distance), map:  Sungerski  lug, 1 : 7 500
August 6th, 2018 – 6th stage (middle distance), map:  Sungerski  lug, 1 : 7 500

MEN: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21A, 21B, 21E, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
WOMEN: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21A, 21B, 21E, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65
OPEN: SHORT, LONG and BEGINEERS (up to 8 years old)

In case of few entries organizer can join certain categories



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*Beginers, OPEN short, M10, W10, M12, W12, M14, W14, M16, W16


Via a bank transfer till 1st of April. 
Fees will only be valid when full payment is received.


 HR30 2402 00611 0083 0663 

OK "RIS" Delnice
Stjepana Radića 1
51 300 Delnice

Make sure to include the name of the runer and the club. When we receive the payment we will send a notification via OO line service.


Revised in 2015/2016/2018 according to latest ISOM and ISSOM standards by well-known international mapmakers and printed on high-quality waterproof paper.

1st stage (middle distance), 
map:  Petehovac,  1 : 7 500

2nd stage (long distance), 
map:  Petehovac,  1 : 10 000

Nice highland are, sometimes very detailed.

3rd stage (sprint distance) 
map:  Krk , 1 : 3 000
Nice urban area covering old town of Krk and park area. Please do not enter forbidden area drawn on warm-up map. Note that traffic will not be regulated! Be careful when crossing traffic roads.

4th stage (sprint distance), 
map:  Bukovac Sungerski , 1 : 5 000

stony karst with plenty ofdepresions

5th stage (short-long distance), 
map:  Sungerski  lug, 1 : 7 500

unique flat area with marshes, lakes and depressions, steep stony continental terrain and extreme karst terrain.

6th stage (middle distance), 
map:  Golubinjak,  1 : 7 500

Extreme karst. Primeval forest. Probably one of most detailed drawn karst terrain used for orienteering in Europe! Expect up to 30 m high stone cliffs, giant boulders and narrow stone passages.


For other accommodation you may contact:

Tourist board of Lokve:  direktor@tz-lokve.hrLINK:


If you decide to give-up in race you are obligated to report that to the organizer in finish area.

Will be provided in finish area on all stages.

Warm meals can be bought in finish area.

It is allowed for teams to make club tents in finish area. Organizer is not taking any responsibility for your tent during event.

Can be bought in finish area. 

Accompanying competitors is allowed ONLY for Beginners, M10, W10, OPEN SHORT and OPEN LONG.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

In Croatian forests you can run across ticks, wasps and mosquitoes. We recommend you to use insect repellent lotion or spray.

Should be made at finish area up to 1,5 hour after the last start. Organizer will answer on it right-away with positive or negative answer.


Will not be provided this year. Children's playgrounds are located next to the finish area.
Using the same is free and at your own risk.

Medals for best three in overall ranking (for men and women in elite categories for 6 best competitors).

Electronic system SPORTident. Price for renting SI-card is 2€ per stage. 
Loss of rented SI-card will be charged 50€.

All participants at Croatia open 2018 take part at their own risk. 
We recommend you to have travel insurance.

Additional information is also available by e-mail:


Where can I get bulletin? Bulletin will be printed and you will get it in your club bag upon arrival. Individual club bags contain (for each club member): race bib, safety pins, control descriptions, rented SI card, promotional materials, bulletin, and the receipt.

Where can I get training maps? – You can get training maps in event entre.

Are there toilets on start? – No, toilets are placed only in finish area.

Is it allowed to put tent in finish area? - It is allowed for teams to make club tents in finish area. Organizer is not taking any responsibility for your tent during event.

Parking Krk? - Organizer does not provide parking spaces for stage 3. Parking spaces in town of Krk area are under charging system – please, check where you need to pay for parking. We recommend parking in southern part of city (close to bus station) and then walk to the finish area. There will be no parking space in finish area.

I have to cancel my entry. Can I get my fee refunded? - Entry canceled by May 30th: 70% refund. Entry canceled between May 30th  June 21st: 50% refund. After June 21st no fees shall be refunded.


CO2015: Stage Two / 28.07. / Krk
CO2015: Stage Three / 30.07. / Malo Selo
CO2015: Stage Four / 31.07. / Petehovac
CO2015: Stage Five / 01.08. / Golubinjak

CO2017: Stage One / 26.07. / Golubinjak
CO2017: Stage Two / 28.07. / Omišalj
CO2017: Stage Three / 29.07. / Krk

Welcome to Croatia, welcome to the Green Heart of Croatia!

Upoznajte Gorski kotar – pet atraktivnih lokacija koje morate doživjeti!
Meet Gorski Kotar - five attractive locations that you have to experience!

Izlet u spilju „Lokvarku“

Cave "Lokvarka"
Park šuma Golubinjak i okolica bogati su speleološkim zanimljivostima od kojih je najznačajnija spilja „Lokvarka“ koja spada u najljepše spilje hrvatskog krša. Spilja je udaljena od Golubinjaka oko 1 km (10 minuta hoda). Ukupna dužina špilje iznosi 1,2 kilometara, a stalna temperatura zraka u njoj (8 OC). Špilja ima nekoliko galerija, odnosno razina, od kojih su tri dostupne turistima. Špilja je od 1961. godine zaštićena kao geomorfološki spomenik prirode. Geografske koordinate su: 45O 21΄ 42" N; 14O 45΄ 47" E.

The trip to the cave "Lokvarka"

Forest Park Golubinjak and its surroundings are rich in caves attractions of which the most interesting is the cave "Lokvarka" which is one of the most beautiful Croatian karst caves. The cave is about 1 km (10 minutes) away from Golubinjak. The total length of the cave is 1.2 kilometers, and constant air temperature is 8 °C. The cave has several galleries, or levels, three of which are available to tourists. The cave was protected in 1961 as a geomorphologic natural monument. Geographical coordinates are 45 ° 21 42 'N, 14o 45 47 "E.

Panoramska vožnja po Lokvarskom jezeru

Najveće goransko jezero možete upoznati vozeći se splavom „Čača“. Doživite spoj vode i prirode na Lokvarskom jezeru, uživajte u jedinstvenom pogledu na vrh planine Risnjak (1528 metara). Iskoristite priliku i doživite jednosatnu panoramsku vožnju!

Panoramic tour by Lokvarsko jezero

Raft "Čača" in Lokvarsko jezero
You can explore the largest lake in Gorski kotar by driving a raft “Čača”. Experience a combination of water and nature in Lokvarsko jezero, enjoy a unique view to the top of the mountain Risnjak (1528 meters). Take the opportunity and experience a one-hour panoramic tour!

Čarolija „Zelenog vira“ i „Vražjeg prolaza“

Područje Zelenog vira proglašeno je rezervatom prirodnih vrijednosti 1962. godine. Prvi se puta spominje 1884. godine kao izletište za hrabrije izletnike. Zeleni vir je snažan izvor na dnu plitke, prostrane spilje nad čijim se ulazom nadvijaju 70 metarske okomite stijene niz koje se obrušava živopisan slap stvarajući blistavu vodenu zavjesu. Zeleni vir dobio je ime po zelenkastoj boji vode u jezercu koje nastaje u spilji. Druga atraktivnost je 800 metara dugačak kanjon Vražji prolaz. Mnogi ga smatraju jednim od najljepših kanjonskih prizora u našoj zemlji.

The magic of „Zeleni vir“ and „Vražji prolaz“

Zeleni vir was declared a nature reserve in 1962. It is first mentioned in 1884 as a resort for the braver hikers. Zeleni vir is a powerful spring at the bottom of a shallow but large cave. Over the caves entrance hangs a 70 meter cliff from which lively waterfall gushes creating sparkling water curtain. Zeleni vir is named after the green water in the pond in the cave. Another attraction is the 800-meter-long Vražji prolaz canyon. Many consider it one of the most beautiful canyon scenery in the country.

Monumentalnost Risnjaka i izvora rijeke Kupe

National park Risnjak
Nacionalni park Risnjak je izrazit primjer visinskog raščlanjenja dinarskog planinskog sustava u reljefnom, geološkom, hidrološkom i klimatskom pogledu, biljnom pokrovu i životinjskom svijetu. Osnovu parka čini masiv planine Risnjak s vrhom na 1528 metara. 1997. godine površina parka proširuje se i na područje izvora rijeke Kupe. Izvor Kupe, jedna od mnogih još uvijek neriješenih zagonetki krša, jedno je od najjačih, najprostranijih i najdubljih hrvatskih vrela. Na 313 m nad morem vodena masa oblikovala je manje jezero tirkizno zeleno-plave boje, dužine 200 i širine oko 30 metara. Prilaz ovom lokalitetu omogućen je atraktivnom stazom iz sela Razloge ili Kupari odakle je put nešto duži, a penje se uzvodno, paralelno s tokom rijeke Kupe. Nacionali park Risnjak je jedan od manje posjećenih nacionalnih parkova u Hrvatskoj, ne zato što bi bio manje vrijedan, već zato što za uživanje u risnjačkim ljepotama treba imati poseban osjet za čari prirodnih fenomena.

Monumentality of Risnjak and source of the river Kupa

National park Risnjak is a striking example of altitudinal dissolution of the Dinaric mountain system in relief, geological, hydrological and climatic aspect, vegetation and wildlife. Basis of the park is Risnjak massif with a peak at 1528 meters. In 1997 the area of ​​the park was extended to the area of ​​the source of the river Kupa. Source of Kupa, one of the many still unsolved karst mysteries, it is one of the strongest, widest and deepest Croatian sources. At 313 m above the sea level, water mass formed a small lake turquoise green-blue color, with length of 200 meters and a width of about 30 meters. Accessing this site is possible following an attractive path from the village Razloge or Kupari from where the path is a little bit longer, and rises upstream, following the flow of the river Kupa. National park Risnjak is one of the less visited national parks in the country, not because it is less valuable, but because to enjoy its beauty one should have a special feeling for the charms of natural phenomena.

Kraljevina „Bijelih“ i „Samarskih“ stijena

River Kupa
Područje Bijelih i Samarskih stijena jedno je od najatraktivnijih planinarskih odredišta u Hrvatskoj. Uključeno je u strogi rezervat prirode  što znači da u njemu nije dozvoljena nikakva ljudska intervencija. Kraj je divlji, očaravajući i zahtjevan za obilazak, a samo je na pola sata od mjesta gdje možete ostaviti automobil! Ne zaboravite da su Samarske i Bijele stijene otkrivene slučajno kad je jedan lokalni lugar slijedio tragove medvjeda. I budite oprezni - penjanje po stijenama je jako zabavno, ali i opasno!

The kingdom of „Bijele“ and „Samarske stijene“ 

Area of Bijele and Samarske stijene is one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in Croatia. It is a part of the strict nature reserve, which means that no human interventions are allowed within its borders. The area is wild, fascinating and demanding for a visit, and only half an hour from the place where you can leave your car! Do not forget that the Samarske and Bijele stijene were discovered by accident when a local forester traced the bear. And be careful - rock climbing is a lot of fun, but also dangerous!